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Marie Jo Lingerie Sales – Designer Bras, Briefs, Knickers Sale

Marie Jo Lingerie Sales – Designer Bras, Briefs and Knickers Sale

Marie Jo Lingerie Sales – Designer Bras, Briefs and Knickers Sale

Marie Jo – created for Living and Loving

Since 1981, Marie Jo has been creating perfect-fit and fashion forward lingerie which honours and empowers women. For more than 35 years, it has been the trusty backbone of many women’s wardrobes, from work to play, from living to loving.

With her ateliers rooted in Belgium, the label is known for its discreet luxury approach and exceptional attention to quality and craft. We carry 2 collections to accommodate different moods, agendas and outfits: The Marie Jo collection brings elegant pieces with couture sensitivity, the Marie Jo L’Aventure collection has a more minimalist, clean and prêt-à-porter flavour.

As a brand, Marie Jo chooses to broadcast a new philosophy on womanhood and a different vision on sexy. One where confidence starts underneath and where women can wear their confidence anytime, anywhere. It is our mission to make every woman feel on top of the world every time she wears her Marie Jo.

What is the difference between a Marie Jo Bra and a bra from Marie Jo L’Aventure? Both brands supply high quality luxury bras. The difference is more in the collection of the collection. Marie Jo herself is classic, romantic.

Marie Jo L’aventure is more trend-tracking, less on edge and a bit more fun prints. The price level of L’Aventure bras is also often slightly cheaper. You can also choose from many types of bras such as strapless bras, push ups, halter bras, with or without braces, etc.

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