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Lise Charmel Lingerie Sales – Designer Bras, Briefs, Knickers Sale

Lise Charmel Lingerie Sales – Designer Bras, Briefs and Knickers sale

Lise Charmel Lingerie Sales – Designer Bras, Briefs and Knickers sale

Lise Charmel’s history

Lise Charmel is the definition of elegance in lingerie for women. The company is renowned for exceptional old world craftsmanship, combined with innovative and artistic designs.

Reference signature of luxury lingerie, LISE CHARMEL sublimate woman. A singular story in an exceptional expertise made craft, innovation and art.

Today Lise Charmel positions itself as a group comprised of 5 brand names: LISE CHARMEL, EPRISE, EPURE, ANTINEA and ANTIGEL.

The story of a passionate vocation for lingerie

The brand was born, more than half a century ago, in the cradle of luxury, driven by the constant search for beauty and extreme comfort in the heart of the silk neighborhood of Lyon. Immediately driven by the realisation of the finest quality bras, custom fit on the most demanding customers; the brand has developed a unique expertise in the well-being of its models, standard sizes to the larger ones.

Thus were formed teams united around shared values of extreme dedication, well-go meticulous and passionate creation sophistiquée.

While Lise Charmel has become a brand of international influence with a structured distribution in over forty countries, the same enthusiasm, the same passion that spriits its team for the creation of current and future collections.