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Tallulah Lingerie Sales – Bras, Briefs Knickers

The Tallulah Designer Lingerie Sales – Bras, Briefs and Knickers

Tallulah Designer Lingerie Sales – Bras, Briefs and Knickers

As Islington’s first and finest lingerie boutique, it’s where you’ll find a glistening treasure trove of sumptuous luxury and style of everyday lingerie.

From it’s opening over 15 years ago in 2003, Tallulah has helped her many customers find just what they’re looking for.

Tallulah’s strict confidentiality policy and professional approach has secured the confidence of her many clients, making her a mecca for the glitterati.

Nicola Adams was inspired to launch Tallulah by her passion for beautiful lingerie coupled with her frustration over not finding quality pieces that fit well. Earlier in her retail career, Nicola always worked with wonderfully cut clothes and dressed beautiful women of all shapes and sizes in exquisite outfits.

“I could never understand why women would spend so much time, effort and money on their outerwear when really, it was the lingerie where they needed help. “The foundation basics are so very important, always start with the correct shape and size lingerie” says Nicola “And it doesn’t matter what you have on top!” Nicola has one simple rule when it comes to buying for the boudoir, “Only ever buy pieces that I love and of course would wear myself”.

Showcasing on Tallulah’s new online boutique, are ‘The Best Sellers’ from the boudoir, only a very limited number of pieces are available online.


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Aubade Lingerie Sales – Bras, Briefs and Panties

The Aubade Designer Lingerie Sales – Bras, Briefs and Panties

Aubade Designer Lingerie Sales - Bras, Briefs and Panties

Created in 1875 by Doctor Bernard, a corset specialist, the Aubade brand was founded in 1958, when panties and girdles were essential elements of women’s lingerie collections.

No longer bound by the requirement to provide physical support, Aubade writes the first chapters of its story by offering sensual and glamorous products: lingerie becomes a real weapon of seduction.

Seduction on the skin – the philosophy

Inspired by courtly love, the choice of the name Aubade in itself suggests the game of seduction in French. With its stylistic audacity, its knack for communication and its innovations, the brand helps women to fully appropriate their power of seduction. What about men? They are obviously the (consenting) victims of these romantic games!

The Art of Loving

Since its creation and as it evolved over the years, Aubade continuously interpreted humorous play and knowing relationships. For women, the goal is to enhance their body and make the most of their femininity in order to be as seductive as possible. Romantic, provocative, delicate and audacious in turn…

For men, the goal is to be the consenting victim of their partner’s sensuality and humorous play. The couple now has its dedicated lingerie at Aubade: the “Boites à Désir,” an ultra-glamorous collection for all lovebirds.

Creations woven over the years

A real fashion designer, Aubade was a pioneer when it came to establishing its lingerie collections as fashion accessories. The brand adapts to the rhythm of the seasons and offers the first fashion coordinates: lively colors and prints in harmony with ready-to-wear trends.

Thanks to a historic collaboration with craftsmen, such as Calais lace-makers and Swiss embroiderers, the creative team aimed to develop collections that combine French elegance and refinement with comfort and a great fit! Aubade lingerie is a delightful product for those who wear it and those who are lucky enough to see it.

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Prima Donna Lingerie Sales – Bras, Briefs and Knickers

Prima Donna Designer Lingerie Sales – Bras, Briefs and Knickers

Prima Donna Designer Lingerie Sales – Bras, Briefs and KnickersPrima Donna lingerie has been devoted to women’s natural curves since 1865, with bras available up to J cup.

Prima Donna’s undisputed expertise in luxury lingerie for larger cup sizes began in Germany in 1865, came to Belgium in 1990 and was transmitted from one generation to the next.

The way in which Prima Donna garments are made, requires a far greater proportion of manual work than the majority of their competitors. Each Prima Donna bra requires between 40 and 50 different stages of assembly. Every single element of a Prima Donna bra (fabric, lace, fastenings, elastic, shoulder straps, underwiring,) is put through the most rigorous testing in their facilities before they manufacture any style.

Before any Prima Donna bra is dispatched, it undergoes two final inspections by hand. Because they believe that only the human touch is good enough for so intimate a garment.

Prima Donna takes care of details you can’t even see. For example, no other manufacturer wraps the underwiring in rubber, to ensure absolute comfort.

Before they start to sell a new Prima Donna collection, it is extensively tested not by models or dummies, but by a panel which represents our typical customers, women of all sizes. Every 2 minutes, somewhere in the world a Prima Donna Deauville bra is sold. Yes, its that good a fit!